CO3 Trustee Network

CO3 Trustee Network

28 Sep 2015


CO3 have created a network of support to Trustees and offers the following

Corporate Governance Advice

You are entitled to a free consultation with Virtus Consultancy on Corporate Governance Advice, strategic planning and interim management. 

Chairs' and Treasurers' Forums

Within the Trustee Network we have created dedicated Forums for Chairs and Treasurers. Here we will offer current and former office holders to come together to share experiences and learning at a range of events tailored to their roles. 

Board Recruitment

You will receive notification of current Board vacancies as well as being able to advertise any current vacancies to the network on a complimentary basis.

Advice, Guidance and News

You will be kept informed of any relevant changes to legislation which may affect third sector organisations. 

Peer Support

You will meet and network informally in small groups with fellow third sector Trustees gaining invaluble support from your peers in these challenging times. 

Themed Networking events

Our events are on a range of themes allowing Trustees to share information and experiences as well as hearing from a range of experts on a variety of topics that sit under the broad theme of corporate governance.If you have any themes you would like featured in upcoming events, please contact

In addition a series of events is planned over the next few months. Including

The Role of a Third Sector Chair- The Chair’s Checklist 

Date: Thursday, October 15, 2015
Time:  17:30 to 19:00
Cost: free for CO3 Trustee Network Members
Venue: CO3 Offices (34 Shaftesbury Square, Belfast, BT2 7DB)



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